The Invisible

The poor are all around us but sometimes we cannot see them.

The invisible are hungry, but how do we give them something to eat?  Where do we find those who are thirsty so that we can give them something to drink?  How do we watch for strangers and actually invited them in?  There are those within our own churches in these hard times that need clothing, though they’d never acknowledge it.  How can we stop turning a blind eye to so many who are sick or imprisoned?

Jesus calls upon all who would follow him to look.  It is He that will make them visible to us and give us eyes to see.  Jesus Himself was and is one of the invisible, and He has told us whatever we do for one of the least of these—his “brothers” in poverty—we do for him.  So how can we begin to see Jesus in these people, and how can we practically begin to serve them?

In this powerful and practical book, Arloa Sutter will give you vision. Through her own compelling stories and those of many others, she sensitively examines the hard issues through real-life examples, theological and philosophical models, and practical direction. With wisdom and first-hand knowledge her own established ministry to the poor, Sutter will open your eyes to what is happening around your country regarding the issue of poverty.

Look and see the invisible like you’ve never seen them before.  Capture your own vision for helping those whom the world considers “the least of these,” but whom Jesus called his very “brothers” (Matt. 25:40).

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